Polymer Design&Creation Lab Kansai University

Research Achievements


"Highly photoluminescent poly(norbornene)s carrying platinum-acetylide complex moieties in the side chain: evaluation of oxygen sensing and TTA–UC" Taichi Sotani, Toshiko Mizokuro, Tatsuo Yajima, Hiromitsu Sogawa, Fumio Sanda, Polym. Chem. 12, 4829–4837 (2021).[DOI]


"Reinvestigation of thermal isomerization of cis-stereoregulated poly(phenylacetylene) by spectroscopic study and DFT calculation" Masahide Goto, Masaki Minami, Hiromitsu Sogawa, Fumio Sanda, Polymer 229, 124013 (2021).[DOI]