Polymer Design&Creation Lab Kansai University

Research Synopsis

Design of Novel Polymerization Catalysts

We are synthesizing well-defined polymerization catalysts to obtain conjugated polymers such as substituted polyacetylenes with controlled molecular weights, polydispersities, and stereo-regularities.

Design and Synthesis of Novel Optically Active Helical Polymers

Optically active helical polymers exhibit a wide variety of interesting features. They are applicable to chiral recognition materials and catalysts for asymmetric induction. We are synthesizing novel conjugated helical polymers, and elucidating the detailed structures.

Polymer Synthesis Based on Amino Acids and Peptides

Synthetic peptides have been examined as models of proteins. Amino acids, components of peptides, are widely used for drugs and foods. Recent remarkable advances on fermentation and chemical synthetic methods have enabled us to obtain amino acids with high optical purity and lower price. We are synthesizing polymers from amino acids and peptides by transition metal-catalyzed polymerization to develop novel optically active bio-compatible polymers.